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About Us

Womens Education and Economic Development Society (WEEDS)

WEEDS is a secular organisation commenced in 1989 as “Keezhmaanagar Mahalir Munnettra Sangham” which soon got spread to different villages of kundrathur block, Kancheepuram and in the 1996 changed its name to “Womens Education and Economic Development Society (WEEDS)”. We believe that the society develops only when the women gets equal opportunity to establish themselves. We work for,

1.Women Empowerment

2.Children Development

3.Community Development

We are working for the development of women through various programme like Women Entrepreneurship Training, Skill development training where we are running our tailoring unit, Self Help group activities & Bank Linkage program, Awareness on Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal) Act, 2013. WEEDS also works for development of children and community through various programmes, such that - Education scholarships for Poor students, Build your generation life skill program, housing projects for below poverty level families and conducting community Health programs.

Our focus areas

An integrated approach to build a equitable and empowered society

Mission & Vision


A Society that respects human dignity and has gender equality.


WEEDS strives towards establishing just social order by building people's organisations, providing excellent education for children, empowering women & ensuring sustainable livelihood for the communities.

Our Programs

Women Development Programme

Over the years rural women have been enabled to actively involve themselves in the economic sustenance of the household. During 1989 till 2000, WEEDS was working towards social justice action where we worked on women rights and awareness creation. Later, we felt that working for women rights and awareness alone won’t develop women in the society. So to empower women economically, WEEDS has organized groups of women from Kancheepuram, Chengalpattu, Thiruvallur and Chennai districts into Self Help Groups (SHGs). From then we started to working for the Development of women through various development activities like

- Women Entrepreneurship Training,

- Skill development Training 

- Self Help group activities & Bank Linkage program

- Awareness on Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal) Act,2013

- Legal awareness Training

Children Development Programme

WEEDS believe that Education and awareness among students is the only way by which a desired change and upliftment in the society can be achieved. Under this program we are working for the children in the following areas:

1. Educational Scholarship Support for students from low income families.

2. Build a Generation: Through this program we create awareness among students about basic mental health issues and WHO's 10 life skill topic.

3. Awareness about Protection of Children from Sexual Offence (POCSO) Act, 2012

Prevention of Sexual Harassment for Women at Workplace Act, 2013 - Training Programme

This Act seeks to provide a secure and enabling environment for women employees, including domestic workers, against sexual harassment at the workplace. The Act makes it mandatory for all workplaces, including homes, universities, hospitals, government and non- government offices, factories, other formal and informal work places to constitute an internal committee for redressed of complaints. WEEDS have been conducting awareness training on sexual harassment of women at workplace for the safety of women.

WEEDS have been tied up with more than 45 companies for the last 7 years and more than 5000+ women and men workers got aware about this act. The trainings will be conducted by using power point presentation, in all the companies, internal complaints committees (ICC) will be formed, training's will be given to the members and employees once in two months to handle the issues related to sexual harassment.

Education Scholarship Program

WEEDS believe that Education not only builds knowledge and capabilities amongst children but also develops their life skills, values, creative, social and emotional abilities. So, it is important for every child to have access to quality education. Through our education scholarship program we have supported more than 500 school and college going students for their education. Since from 2021, based on our impact we came up with an idea of supporting 200 students to continue their education every year till they complete their higher studies.

Skill Training - WEEDS Tailoring Unit

In 2016, we started our tailoring unit by understanding the need of our women in the community. Women from self-help groups who got highly motivated through our tailoring program, after completing their course these women started their own business or form a group where they stitch nighties & blouses which are been sold in community and few women got job at garments company. So far we have given training for 170 women under this program.

Self help Group Activities & Bank Linkage program

The program is facilitating the social and economic empowerment of women by supporting SHGs in Kancheepuram, Tiruvallur, Chennai and Chengalpattu districts. It gives training and group formation guidance for strengthening and capacity building of SHGs in the above project areas, regular meetings of the SHGs, savings and lending are an important part of this Empowerment.

The training to women self-help groups include, membership training, animators and representative training and EDP training for income generation activities. Before the formation of SHGs the local staffs were trained on mobilizing the people to form SHGs... It may be noted that the beneficiaries selected belong to poorest of the poor section of the society.

Dettopant Thengadi National Board for Workers Education and Development (DTNBWED)

The Dattopant Thengadi National Board for Workers Education and Development (DTNBWED) (erstwhile Central Board for Workers Education), an autonomous body under the Ministry of Labour was established by the Govt. of India to implement the Workers Education Scheme. The DTNBWED is committed at achieving the objectives of creating and increasing awareness and educating the workforce for their effective participation in the socio-economic development of the society, industry and nation as a whole.

WEEDS organize this program for workers from unorganized and rural sectors at the village level with the aim to facilitate empowerment process amongst workers.This programme create awareness about importance of health care, Money savings, Income generation activities, family life, child care, hygiene, health etc., for the women.

"Homes of Hope" - Housing Project

Housing has been flagship program of WEEDS for the past couple of years. Responding to requests from various poor homeless in Mangadu area, WEEDS collaborated with Habitat for Humanity India to support the homeless to have their own houses. This program is actually a support to the beneficiaries in addition to their housing loan got from the Government of Tamil Nadu. As the government loans are inadequate to complete the construction of the houses.

The program is aimed at enabling economically poor families to complete the construction of their government aided houses in its full. The whole program was supported by Habitat for Humanity India. The project was completed during the year (2009 - 2014) enabling the 189 beneficiary families each with hall, room & toilet.

Awareness Programme about Protection of Children from sexual offences (POCSO) Act, 2012

Protection of children form sexual offences (POCSO act, 2012) has been enacted to protect children from offences of sexual assault, sexual harassment and pornography and provide for establishment of Special Courts for trial of such offences and related matters and incidents. But majority of the children are not aware about this act. Moreover child sexual abuse is a major concern that is increasing day by day in India and to fight child sexual abuse, it is important that we all take responsibility in our own various ways to combat the menace.

The country is experiencing frequent incidences of violations against children. Most of them happen in Schools where children spent their maximum time. In some incidents children are perpetrators and sometimes they are victimized by the people of their own surroundings. WEEDS is creating awareness about this act among Children, Parents and teachers at schools in order to protect children from any kind of abuse happening to them.

Women Health Awareness Programme

WEEDS in association with Womens World day of Prayer German Committee implemented project "Preventive, promotive and curative health care model with special reference to women from socially backward and economically poor communities in rural areas". Also,WEEDS conducted a series of educational Programmes in villages, aimed at the different sections and age-groups of society. These range from nutritional camps in schools and Anganwadis, healthy food demonstrations to women and SHGs – all aimed at increasing awareness of healthy nutrition. Health and sanitation.
Encouraging the inculcation of good habits such as washing of hands, using toilets and keeping the surroundings clean go a long way in creating healthy communities.

Women Rights and Empowerment Training:

“Women Rights are Human Rights” a mantra for WEEDS and consistently fighting for Women’s Rights. WEEDS conducted several Women Rights rallies during its inception. In 90’s, consumption of counterfeit liquor has taken away many young family men lives and it’s caused women and children to be abandon. WEEDS taken up this issue and conducted several rallies and awareness Training program in Mangadu region. Ms.Thilagavathy IPS inaugurated the programs and her speech impacted many women.

Empowering rural women is very essential in today’s world; with the help of local SHGs we had organized women at Grass root level. Income generating activities are considered as those initiatives that affect the economic aspects of people’s lives through the use of economic tools such as credit. It is being increasingly realized that women’s income in a family is very important in relation to the nutritional, economic and educational upliftment of the family.

Advocacy and Capacity Building Programs

The Women’s Programme aims at being a driving force that will create space and a framework for women to meet and discuss the challenges facing them in order to strengthen a Woman. WEEDS is committed to provide more needy women groups in entrepreneurial/Business management skills, record / book keeping skills, savings culture, making business plans, group management & group dynamics and functional & Adult Literacy skills.

Rural women need to be sensitized for the elimination of discrimination against women and the promotion of gender equality and women’s empowerment, in their families as well as in their communities. Above all, stakeholders developed capacities to engage in ongoing and systematic dialogue with leaders, officials to better understand their needs and concerns. Capacity Building Training's is largely believed that increase self-respect and esteem among women and hence liberating them economically, physically, and socially is one of the important impacts Women Development.

Financial Literacy Programme

NABARD has supported 6 one day financial literacy program in Kanchipuram district. During this training Government of India‘s social security schemes like PMJJBY/ PMSBY/APY were explained in detail. The target audience was SHG women, village people, NREGS participants, farmers, retailers, and company workers. Two resource persons from financial literacy center Mr. Ekkambaram and Mr.Sadagopalan spoke about the opening of accounts and linkages. Target kancheepuram District Villages - Mangadu, Chikkarayapuram, Paraniputhur, Keezhkathirpur, Natarasanpattu and Vadakupattu and Padappai.

Child Rights Training

WEEDS giving training to children about their safety and making them aware about issues happening around them. Children from the age group of 09-17 use to participate and learn their rights. WEEDS’s one of the core activities is fighting for child rights. Over the years WEEDS diligently involved in children rights programs along with other child right activists.

Community Awareness Programs

WEEDS involved in giving awareness among community about Health, sanitation through Skits, dramas, street plays and discussion. WEEDS touch various livelihood topics and aware people about issues which should be take concern. Colleges collaborate with WEEDS in giving awareness. Students from Madras school of social work (MSSW),Loyola College,Karnataka Central university are among one who coordinated with us in creating awareness in the community.

Relief Activities during Humanitarian Crisis

During flood, COVID -19 pandemic and other natural disasters, WEEDS have been always ready fight the crisis and support the community. During 2015 flood we have supported 200 families with humanitarian kits and in the present pandemic 3536 families received Groceries and also we have provided financial assistance to poor families. 20 WEEDS SHG volunteers were engaged in COVID relief work along with the municipality.

Entrepreneurship Training Program

WEEDS major priority is giving entrepreneurial training to women. We felt rightly that they need to be assured a secure feeling of being included in the society and trained and employed. So we selected interested women from SHGs who were engaged in entrepreneurial training given by various small business vending. The training was aimed to pave means for economic development of selected poor women through small scale business ventures.

The required training, linkage making, loan seeking, marketing assistance was provided as part of the project. Two organizations supporting our SHG women in giving entrepreneurial training and skill development program. The training was conducting through Bharati Yuva Shakthi Trust (BYST) and FARMS India.

CSR Activities

AG&P Pratham Chennai, a gas distribution company in collaboration with our NGO distributed 150 school kits to deserving students identified from Manthangal Village, Ranipet District, following with community development activities. A special volunteer program was conducted by Tata Consultancy Services at our office where 35 women have gathered to attend the awareness sharing presenting by the staff of TCS, Chennai. And TCS has contributed five Sewing machines to five deserving women to improve their living standard. The Second set of Special Volunteer programs was conducted by Tata Communication Limited, CSR program, where 65 women participated.The staff of TCL CSR programs conducted health education and awareness session for the participants. Group games were conducted and the winners and runners were distributed with prizes and mementos.

Youth Development Programme

Employable skill Training for Youth (Computer, Soft Skills) focuses on increasing employability for unemployed rural youth with adequate skills to avail the jobs in the market. The employable skill trainings focuses on basic computer application like Desktop Publishing, Tally, Hardware and Networking and soft skills to ensure personal and professional growth along with English. With the support of Aid et action 180 youth were given skill training and provided Placement opportunity.

Our Activities

Education Scholarship Programme


Ms.Poojasri, a single parent child doing her 3rd grade.She was in need of uniform,Bag & slipper to go school. Our support fulfilled her needs !

Mr.Jai Janagar stepped into his 12th grade this June, he approached us to help him to buy guides books to prepare for his 12th board exams. Our scholarship support assist him to buy the guide books & Bag.

Our humble thanks & gratitude to employees of Kyndryl.

Help more students who are in need of education support,
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Humanitarian Aid to Tribal children


WEEDS has supported 35 Irular Tribal children with school kit, a pair of slippers, new clothe & Hygiene kit with the support of 3 kind donors from Dell Technologies and our board member Mrs.Sathya.
During our field visit to Gummidipoondi block,Thiruvallur District we have found these two remote villages named Erukkuvai & M.N kandigai. Irular Tribal people around 22 Families living in Erukkuvai & 7 families living in M.N Kandigai villages without proper amenities. All are working as a daily wage in nearby fields/gardens as gatekeepers. WEEDS is planning to support the families by creating employment opportunities. Before that, we have created awareness among the children & women about Health. We are hoping for radical change in the lives of the Irular Tribes through our upcoming livelihood programmes.

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For International Donors https://lnkd.in/gUpn5_Xb
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School kits Gifted to poor students


WEEDS distributed school kits to 67 students with the support of corporate volunteers of Bhumi foundation. Students were overjoyed after receiving the kits.
Support our Education scholarship programme to help poor students to continue education,
For International donors: https://lnkd.in/g2uedavb
For Indian donors: https://lnkd.in/dTExaR37

Environmental Day Programme - Walkathon & planting of tree saplings


As a part of AG&P CSR activity, during the occasion of International Environment day, WEEDS in collaboration with AG&P company conducted walkathon & Planting of tree saplings initiative in Siruseri IT park and presented saplings to participants. More than 125 employees of AG&P company participated in the event. 

Education Scholarship Programme


We are happy to support students Ms.Srineha, Mr.Ganesh, Mr.Bharath, Mr.Sakthivel to continue their education, as we have helped them to pay their fees. Our humble thanks to our donors for lighting up poor students lives.

We are fundraising to support more students for the upcoming academic year which starts in mid-June.

Bladder Cancer Awareness Programme


Bladder cancer awareness Programme conducted by WEEDS in collaboration with World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition at Mangadu & Kundrathur areas. Every Year May month will be commemorated as a "Bladder Cancer Awareness Month" worldwide. This year we have conducted awareness meeting among Self Help Group women & general public. Dr.Vikram from RMD specialities Hospital has addressed about the bladder cancer. Several women cleared their doubts about Bladder cancer.

Education Scholarship Programme


Ms.Aarthi doing her final year B.com with 82.5% marks. She is a single parent child, lost her father who deceased years back, from then her life makes ups & downs.Through her mothers daily earnings Ms.Aarthi managed to study in a private college. She also go for part-time jobs to meet her expenses and to support her mother & brother. Ms.Aarthi came to know about our "Education scholarship support" programme and requested us to pay her final semester college fees so then she could attend the exams. WEEDS supported Ms.Aarthi by giving scholarship to pay the fees. Thanks to our kind donors who helped Ms.Aarthi to complete her education.

Need more donors to support students like Ms.Aarthi. 

Build Your Generation Life-skill Training Programme


Build Your Generation - through this program we help our Youths and Teens to understand about the Social Skills, Values to the Life, Motivation, Understanding & managing of finance.

As part of this program our interns/volunteers have teaching the budding teens & youths in various aspects,teaching 10 core life skills laid down by WHO. Activities were conducted in order to improve students learning and coordinating skills as stepping stone of this programme.
Interested persons can volunteer with us through online.

Education Scholarship Programme


This is Mr.Anbu Jebakumar who is pursuing final year B.com. His father is a village folk singer, during COVID-19 his father got affected with Corona and lost his income source to pay his sons College fees. During that time WEEDS helped Mr.Anbu Jebakumar to pay college fees. Recently he approached us again to pay his son's college fees and we supported him. Mr.Anbu Jebakumar going to complete his studies in a month ! Thanks to our kind donors who made this possible.
Like Anbu Jebakumar there are many other students waiting to receive support to pursue their dreams. We request you to support our students and help them to continue their education.

Women Empowerment TV Programme


WEEDS Secretary Mrs.Helan Joyes Participated in DD Podhigai live Talk show on Women Empowerment. During the programme callers asked questions related to Health,entrepreneurship and empowerment of women.  

Distribution of School Uniform


Our interns from Loyola college raised funds and gifted school uniforms to 6 Scheduled Tribe students.

Community Need Analysis Programme


WEEDS organized a 3 day Community need analyses programme among various women SHG leaders,volunteers and other stakeholders. This programme helped us to understand the need of the women in the community and the importance of creating women entrepreneurs. Mr.Sankarapandian (Sai Senthamizh Trust) assessed the need through brain storming,group discussion and group activities.

Free Legal Aid awareness Programme


Legal Services includes providing Free Legal Aid to those weaker sections of the society who fall within the purview of Section 12 of the Legal Services Authority Act, 1987. It also entails creating legal awareness by spreading legal literacy through legal awareness camps, print media, digital media and organizing Lok Adalats for the amicable settlement of disputes which are either pending or which are yet to be filed, by way of compromise.

National legal service Authority also undertakes necessary steps by way of social action litigation with regards to any matter of special concern to the weaker sections of the society. Legal services also encompasses facilitating the beneficiaries to get their entitlements under various government schemes, policies and legislation's. Students from Loyola college created awareness among community women about Free Legal Aid services. Through this Programme women got aware about the legal aid services rendered by the government.

World Womens Day Programme


Every year, March 8 is celebrated as International Women’s Day. This year, the goal is to create a gender-equal world. It is about celebrating a woman’s success and raising awareness against bias. So we all should choose to ‘challenge’ to bring the change. WEEDS celebrated womens day with women SHG Leaders on March 08th at field office Mangadu & on March 15th we celebrated womens day at Manthangal Village, Ranipet District.

Education Scholarship Programme


With the support of kind donors we have given scholarships to 13 students who hail from low income families. This support will help them to pursue their education.


Make a generous donation to help us reach more beneficiaries.

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Volunteer with us for making a difference in somebody's life and also it is a good opportunity for you to give back to the society. For more information, mail us at weedsindia@gmail.com

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